New Time for Kill Teams

weplayHeld on the first Sunday of every month, 2pm to 6pm.

Cherrybrook Technology High School,

Purchase Road, Cherrybrook, NSW.

We have relaunched our gaming sessions in this new time-slot, with a more focused direction for the games we play. Our members are gaming hard to build new communities in nor-west Sydney for Kings of War, Warmachine, Star Wars: X-Wing and Infinity.

Kill Teams are the venue to learn, play and enjoy your games with other friendly community members. Our club is equipped with a range of F.A.T. mats and the best terrain sets for whatever game you may be playing. New players are welcome to use our extensive collection of miniatures.

You can join our Facebook community group to stay up-to-date with upcoming full-day events and to organise your own games with other members.

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