Clash of the Titans XV

CLASH 2020


Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with a very heavy heart that we have made the determination to cancel Clash for this year. As many of you know, I am a teacher at Cherrybrook Technology High School. This is what enables us to run at the school as a school event and keep our fees to  minimum, gift the very large prize pool that I love giving away each year.

Unfortunately, that also brings certain responsibilities and constraints due running through the school. Due to the nature of our venue it is no longer possible to proceed with the event at the school due to the possible threat of COVID-19. All evidence at this stage is heading towards greater restriction of activities within schools and this convention will be no exception. With our venue off the table, so is our public liability insurance. We will have no cover if we go ahead. We have sort alternate cover but are unable to secure any at this stage.

Therefore, at a meeting this morning, we have made the call to cancel Clash. If we can find an alternative time during the year, we will let everyone know via our website and email. There will be a full refund of all tickets. For those people that have booked flights, I am so sorry. We will do all we can to support you, however, we are not liable for any travel details as you would no doubt be aware. Please contact us via with confirmation of your flight details and we will discuss options with you. Please note: we will not be covering your airfares, we will simply discuss options with you.


Please stay safe and we hope to see all of you again at future Tech Adepts events.



Anthony Felton

Adepts President and Clash C.O.

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Second-Hand Store for Clash of the Titans XIV


Back once again, bring your formerly loved collections for sale at our Second-Hand Store.

Print out our easy to use Second-Hand form. Read, sign and list your items.

On the day, drop off your packaged collections and completed form.

Download our form here

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Clash of the Titans XIV


The Premier Games Convention of the Hills Shire

Saturday and Sunday 23rd – 24th February 2019

Cherrybrook Technology High School

Purchase Road, Cherrybrook, NSW

It is quickly approaching that time of year, an opportunity to make new allies and revenge upon old adversaries. The opportunity to compete in a clash of wits, skill and luck. The opportunity to declare yourself among the Titans of your game!

Now in its 13th year running, Clash of the Titans is a community convention created for players, by the players. Located in nor-west Sydney with free parking, a gourmet canteen stocked with a variety of foods and beverages, and well-equipped with jaw-dropping battlefields for players to showcase their hobby, making Clash of the Titans the event for players to gather from around Australia.

Registration Now Open

Early Bird Discounted Tickets available until 16th of February 2019. Regular Tickets available until 22nd of February 2019.

Convention Information and Players Packs available below:

warhammer logo flat

Convention Information

UKExpo-June1-MiddleEarth4bh 40kGE


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Holiday Activities

Welcome back Adepts!


Games Days

This January we will be hosting 5 days in our new Clubroom at B1.24, Cherrybrook Technology High School. Entry is $10 each day and includes a can of drink and packet of chips for morning tea, and pizza and a drink for lunch.

Each day is 9am to 3pm. We will be doing either gaming or terrain building/painting. The terrain days will be free, but random as to when.

Wednesday 16th January to Friday 18th January and

Monday 21st January and Tuesday 22nd January

Warhammer 40,000, Star Wars X-Wing, De Bellis Antiquitatis and many, many more games to be played!



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Kill Team – 5th February


An amazing turnout for our newest session. We had many old regulars and some new faces joining the fray. Seen playing below are two games of Warhammer 40,000, two games of The Hobbit, a game of Star Wars: X-Wing and a table of The Others.

Next session is on Sunday 5th of March. 2PM to 6PM at Cherrybrook Technology High School. Cost is $3 entry, which includes an ice-cold soft drink.

20170205_150431  20170205_163007

Dale and Michael enjoy a close game of X-Wing. Until Michael delivers a coup-de-grace. Ouch!

20170205_150347 20170205_150407

That’s right, two games of The Hobbit.


The others, playing The Others.

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New Time for Kill Teams

weplayHeld on the first Sunday of every month, 2pm to 6pm.

Cherrybrook Technology High School,

Purchase Road, Cherrybrook, NSW.

We have relaunched our gaming sessions in this new time-slot, with a more focused direction for the games we play. Our members are gaming hard to build new communities in nor-west Sydney for Kings of War, Warmachine, Star Wars: X-Wing and Infinity.

Kill Teams are the venue to learn, play and enjoy your games with other friendly community members. Our club is equipped with a range of F.A.T. mats and the best terrain sets for whatever game you may be playing. New players are welcome to use our extensive collection of miniatures.

You can join our Facebook community group to stay up-to-date with upcoming full-day events and to organise your own games with other members.

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July Holiday Activities


School Holiday Activities

These school holidays the Cherrybrook Tech Adepts will be running two Games Days at our clubroom at Cherrybrook Technology High School.

Miniatures, Role-playing and Board Games will be available for our members and guests.

Cost for each day is $5, and includes drinks and chips. BYO lunch, members are invited to visit Cherrybrook Shops during our lunch hour at noon.


Friday 8th of July, 9AM to 3PM will be supervised by Mr Hastings and Mr Dailly.

Mr Hastings will be running board games such as Last Night on Earth, Forbidden Island, Sushi-go and Zombies!!!


Friday 15th of July, 9AM to 3PM will be supervised by Mr Felton.

Mr Felton will be running a Highlighting Painting Workshop, for all those who want to take their painting skills to the next level!

Games and the Tech Adept Book Library will be available as well.



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Kill Team: 2nd January 2016


Welcome back Adepts!
Next Kill Team will be running on the 2nd January at 8PM. Join us at Cherrybrook Technology High School.

As per usual, entry is $3 and includes an ice-cold can of soft drink, packet of chips and all the terrain, board games and opponents you can poke a stick at.


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Welcome to the Cherrybrook Tech Adepts

The premier war-games club of the Hills Shire. Numerous games supported. Table-top, boardgames, card games and RPGs. Refrigerated drinks. Fully sculpted gaming tables and painted armies available for use. Have a look at our Facebook page to find a game and join in on our regular events.

Where to find us:
Cherrybrook Technology High School, K6 room (depicted on map above)
Purchase Road
Cherrybrook NSW 2126

Parking: Entry via secondary school gate (next to John Purchase Primary School)

Entry Cost: $3, chips and drink available. Sculpted boards and miniatures available for use.

School Sessions: 3PM-6PM every school Friday. All school students are welcome. Teacher supervision is provided.

Kill Team (16+ gaming): 8PM- Midnight, 1st and 3rd Saturday of the Month.

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